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Problem with Forming Tools

Question asked by Kendall Casey on Dec 1, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2007 by Steve Calvert
I am working through some sheet metal exercises because I have noSW experience with sheet metal. I am having trouble adding thesupplied louver forming tool from the design library. I haveseveral reference materials and they all indicate that I shouldsimply drag and drop the tool onto a face. However, when I drag anddrop the louver on the face of my sheet metal box SW pops up awindow asking me if I want to create a derived part? The optionsare yes, no, or cancel. Yes - inserts another part into my modelfloating in space, which is difficult to do anything with. No -opens the individual louver part model. I expect the form tools towork just like the sheet metal library features, which I could dragand drop properly and use sketch tools to locate and position.

Is there a setting that needs adjusting or am I just missing theboat? By the way, of all the SW resources I have found; theseforums are by far the best.