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How can I make a proper shut-off surface if my part folds in over itself?

Question asked by Andreas Bovin on Apr 28, 2016



I am doing a school project in which I want to make a mold from a part. The part is supposed to be a combined USB housing and paper clips. The part is not very complex (see attached), but it folds in over itself, meaning that a core is needed to create the gap between the undercut sections. I have attached a screenshot showing the un-drafted part (I'll take care of that later), indicating the pull direction. The core is meant to go beneath the housing (In the +z-direction on the picture), so to fill the gap between the housing and the paper clip (See pictures)


I get stuck already just trying to create the parting lines, and can't figure out where to go from here. I have searched the internet for hours, but no guides show a similar problem :-(

Please help!