Rick Donnellon

PDMWorks on a internet accessible storage device

Discussion created by Rick Donnellon on Dec 1, 2007
I run  small engineering company. I have two to four designersworking on projects at any one time. We all work remotely from ourhomes. We now use Pack & Go to share SW files among designers.Data management is becoming a big issue and I want to start usingPDMWorks.

My question is  can PDMWorks set setup and run from a remotestorage device with internet access like a Western Digital My BookWorld Edition or a Seagate FreeAgent HD?

Does anyone use a setup like this now?

Since the HD will be set up in my home with broad band (slow uploadspeed) it won't be the optimal arrangement, but I think it wouldstill be better that the Pack & Go method because with PDMWorksonce a project is downloaded from PDMWorks the only files beingtransferred over the internet will be files that have actually beenchanged.

Any thoughts or comments on this issue would greatlyappreciated.