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More Efficient use of Configurations?

Question asked by Darren Ross on Apr 28, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2016 by Alan Metcalfe

Not sure how to phrase the question so that it makes sense, so here's a very simplified scenario that I'm trying to deal with:


I'm a luthier (guitar builder), and have a guitar design that can have a bunch of different options, such as bridges, pickups, tuners, etc...  I'm trying to create assembly configurations for specific combinations of these different options, such as bridge "A", tuners "B", and pickups "A" for example. The only way that I'm seeing to do this is to create individual configurations for every possible combination, which can get to be very overwhelming very quickly (324 possible combinations at last count). What I need is the ability to mix and match these different components without having to create a configuration for every possible combination.

Is this possible to do?