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Smooth Split Curves Discretized by Solidworks/Ansys (Help)

Question asked by Kyle Tousignant on Apr 27, 2016

I am having a problem with Solidworks discretizing 3D curved lines which is giving me problems down the road when importing my model into Ansys DesignModeler. I'll illustrate the problem by way of example:


I have a number of bodies that I want to "cut up" for better meshing. In the instance I have attached, I used a slightly over-sized sketch of the chord profile and the split feature to divide the weld into two sections. As you can see in the first attachment, the resulting split *appears* to be a continuous line in Solidworks. This is want I want. In Ansys, however, the continuous line is broken up into discreet segments (see attachment two). I'm fairly certain this issue is on the Solidworks side, but if there are any Ansys experts who think otherwise, I'm happy to explore all options. I've sunk the better part of a few days into this issue and I can't seem to move forward with it.