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Tutorial: Advanced Design Techniques > Creating the Layout Sketch: 1) ??

Question asked by Hoe-Phuan Ng on Apr 27, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2016 by Hoe-Phuan Ng

I am using SolidWorks 2106, sp2.

.I am following built-in (included) Solidworks tutorials.

From the very first intro (than means about 6 or so exercises already.) up to this topic: 

"Advanced Design Techniques"

And I am in this subsection now and do not understand what I

have to do because prior 6 or so tutorials did not show how this is to be done : 


Creating the Layout Sketch


The layout sketch you create in this topic divides the length of the hinge into five equal parts. Using equations and mirroring ensures that the five parts remain equal when you change the overall length of the hinge. You use this layout as a guide for making the cuts in the topics that follow.

It may be easier to select edges in these exercises with Hidden Lines Removed on the View toolbar selected.


  1. Open a sketch on the large model face, and name it layout for cuts.

... ... ...


The problem is the boldface item #1 above.

How do you open a sketch "on the large model face", and name it ."layout for cuts"?\

Up to this point, I have created the hinge, obviously.

So the hinge sketch is already open for editing, so I am not sure what it is asking for and how to do it.


Also, what does "large model face" mean?

It is the largest surface of the hinge?


Can someone explain and show how to do this?