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problem with simplified electronics thermal model

Question asked by Richard Miner on Apr 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2020 by Bill Dempsey

Hi All,


New user here both with Solidworks Flow Simulation (2016) and this forum.  I've modeled a simple resistor in flow simulation as follows:

1. materials for three components - conductor (Nichrome); conductor package material (Alumina); heatsink (aluminum)

2. Heat Source applied to the conductor (1 Watt)

3.  Contact resistance between components - no resistance

3. Goal - Global Goal Max Temperature

4.  Mesh - Global Mesh (moved level of initial mesh to 4); Local Mesh (Regional cuboid, refining cells at 3 for all three choices, all 3 advanced refinements are set at 2)



My issue deals with 'verification'.  I want to see if Flow Simulation is at least 'ball park'.  I've run the model several times using different mesh refinements, different materials, with and without contact resistances, etc.  In all cases my max temperature is 73C  +/- 3C on the heat sink.  In the lab I applied exactly 1 watt to the resistor and waited for steady state.  Then I used a very good (and well calibrated) thermal camera to measure the max temp of the heatsink...which was 53C.  As you can see my results aren't even close.


Not sure where to go from here.  Any suggestions would be welcome.