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Sheet Specific Custom Annotations

Question asked by Eric Blankinship on Apr 27, 2016
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Hello All,


So a while back I had setup a drawing template system for my office so that title block information would be filled out in custom properties rather than by manual insertion so as when either additional sheets added, changed sheet size, or updating template format due to some corporate decision all the title block information would automatically fill in and populate the title block and be oriented correctly.  This works great but now I have an engineer requesting if he can have an annotation different in sheet 1 than sheet 2 yet still be inserted in this manner so as to automatically adjust when updating drawing templates.


I know I could make an additional template called "2nd Page template of X drawing size" but that would just add needless confusion to the system as it would give too many template options for engineers to choose from on start up.


Basically what I am wondering is if I can link an annotation to a property in custom properties in my template so that it will recognize what sheet it is on and will only activate on the desired sheet?  The key to the solution is has to work in a way to not really require any additional steps for the engineer and can't involve usage of macros as our IT group has those disabled on our work computers.


Thanks in advance to any insight people might have on this!