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    Simulation study not finding results files anymore

    Andrew Poynot


      I am trying to review results from a simulation study, but the study says the results aren't available.  I have checked the results folder location (StudyName->(right click)->Properties), and the study is still pointed to the same folder as before.  And the folder still has all of the files (*.cwr, and others).  But I can't review the results.  This is maddening, it would take 2+ days to re-run all of the various studies and load cases I have set up in this particular model.


      I hope someone can help.  Thanks!

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          James Riddell

          What version & SP are you using?  I see this all too frequently on 2015 SP 5.

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            Kevin Rooney


            This happens to me all of the time. If you are unable to send your files to Solidworks for NDA purposes (that is my issue), there are a couple of things I have tried to fix this issue. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.


            1. Copy your CWR files to another folder and point the Study to that folder.

            2. Duplicate the Study. Make a copy of the CWR file and name it with the duplicated study name (note the naming convention on the CWR file is the "Assembly Name"-"Study Name".CWR)

            3. With Solidworks closed, move all Simulation files out of your Simulation directory. Open your assembly and the study and try to load the results (you will be unsuccessful). Then close Solidworks and move the files back into the Simulation directory. Reopen the assembly and see if the link was restored (this is a long shot but it might work).


            All in all, this is an ongoing issue that I struggle with constantly. I have contacted my Reseller who has talked with Solidworks Technical support and they told me to rerun the studies. Apparently the code that is saved in the assembly file to link to the CWR file is breaking for some reason. Maybe sending the model to them will produce different results. Good luck.