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    surfacing, lofting error

    Bruce Tanner

      I'm trying to make a pan that has curved ends and is "rolled" as well as being angled. i created a new part containing a 3d sketch of the profile i need. Thinking that it would be easier to create a solid then convert to a sheet metal part. well i cant get the loft function to work with the geometry i have and i don't understand why. I have uploaded the part file as well as some pic of the the error. Please Help!!

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          Dennis Bacon

          Bruce.. See if this will get you what you want. It may be possible to loft a solid of this then convert to sheet metal but from experience I usually run into trouble doing that especially with so many individual bends. It sounds like you will be rolling this so I did a formed loft with this. Made a couple of 3d sketches (two profiles) from your sketches made from splines then used the sheet metal "Lofted-Bend" tool. If you really do require straight line segments on your profiles we can probably do that too I just like to take the easiest way. Your sketch is still in the model just hidden. You can unhide it and compare.

          Edit:... Just in case you need to export this to a dxf and cannot use splines (polylines) in your cad/cam program and don't know how to convert I have attached a dxf with arcs.