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Heat Transfer between two solids separated by an air filled cavity

Question asked by Dan Radulescu on Apr 27, 2016
Latest reply on May 4, 2016 by Amit Katz

Hello all,


I am trying to do heat transfer simulation that involves a hot plate(surface/body) and a cold plate, separated by an air filled cavity.

The setup looks like in the below picture:


I am running a simulation considering the following features:

type : internal

* heat conduction in solids

* time dependent  120 seconds with 1 second increments

* gravity


The fluid of choice here is air.

Bodies are by default Stainless Steel 321.


Default wall condition is heat transfer coefficient of about 35 W/m^2/K and temperature of external fluid 293.2 K and roughness 0 micrometer.


First, I set up the fluid sub-domain, the air inside the cavity.

I then set up body 1 as a volume heat generation and set it to 20 000 W.

I assume that the walls have their default condition but I have also set them up with heat transfer coefficient individually towards the same result.


The results I am getting are the following:

The heat transfers to the walls in the top region as well as the air inside which heats up. HOWEVER.. the air does not seem to transfer any heat anywhere. It seems that the heat is only from the heat generator towards the bodies/fluids it comes DIRECTLY in contact with.


What I need is to see how the heat transfers from heat generator -> air -> cold plate.


Any suggestions on how to do that? Is there something I am assuming or doing wrong?

Thank you for your time and attention. Looking forward to hearing your advice and learn from it.


Best regards,