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Can you drive a Configurable weldment profiles size with a design table?

Question asked by Shaun Jalbert on Apr 27, 2016

We need to keep this simple so before anyone asks, DriveWorks isn't an option.


We have a few parts, stairs for example, that are controlled by a design table. The user selects a few options (like tread width, depth, rise & run) through a pull down menu and a custom stair configuration is built according to the selected variables. This all works fine.


One thing we can't control yet is the weldment member size. What we'd like to do is generate a drop down list in the design table that specifies only a couple available member sizes (not all of them, just a select few) and that drop down value drives the member size property of the Structural Member Feature. The other Properties for Standard and Type would be static values as illustrated below. Can this be done?