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How do you import a large Topographical Survey map into Solidworks?

Question asked by Luke Dixon on Apr 27, 2016



I'm having difficulty importing a large DWG Topographical Survey into Solidworks. The map consists of a lot of lines, points and annotations. What I'm trying to do is import the map as a sketch on a part, showing the sketch, and laying it flat on my 3D site GA which I have made. I've done this before but with less detailed maps. This one has given me all sorts of trouble. Is there a proper way to import large scale DWG maps into solidworks?


I have so far tried:

  • copy and pasting the map from draftsight and autocad into a part sketch. This doesn't copy all of the entities and crashes
  • importing the map as a dwg to a 2d part through the import wizard. Again, it doesn't copy all of the entities and the majority of the map is missing.
  • importing the map as a drawing, making it a block and then copying to a part sketch. Not all entities copied over and crashed.


So far the only other thing i can think of doing, is to save my site ga as a dwg and then put it into auto cad as 2d and then fiddling with it until it lines up with the lay of the land, datums, etc.


Any ideas on how to overcome this? I'd very much like to show a 3D pretty picture isometric of the site with the 2D topographical survey showing all of the roads and surrounding features in the final drawing.