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Axial Fan Mesh refinement

Question asked by Pratham Singh on Apr 26, 2016

i have got full analysis set up in flow sim, along with goals and everything.

initial plan was to do analysis, and take out the results such as efficiency etc and finish the project. the analysis results were close to our experimental results.

now, there is a problem.

out of curiosity, i increased mesh density in local mesh (where blades of axial fan are). now the results which flow sim is giving is varying, efficiency is coming 7 percent lower. the earlier efficiency was closer to our theoretical calculations too.

so, what should i do? continue increasing partial and fluid cells refinement in local region till i get near to constant results?


i have set the initial mesh on '6' in automatic settings (i read that at 6 and above, flow sim does adaptive refinement). in local region, fluid is refined by 1, partial cells by 4.