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undo checkout permission for non-admins?

Question asked by Barry Cavanaugh on Apr 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2016 by Bill Stadler



you know the story...a user checks out files and then goes on vacation...the other users need access to the file \ need to make changes, etc.


It appears that users and groups cannot be given permission to perform "undo checkouts" like the admin user can?


We would like to give a certain group of users the superpower to perform an undo checkout on their own, without having to get in touch with the admin, wait for a response, etc.


If there is no "easy way" to configure this, I was thinking about creating a custom epdm task that has epdm API code in it...the code would perform the undo checkout...the task can be configured to "run as admin" and I can also limit access to the task to only those in the "epdmUndoCheckoutUsers" group...


thanks in advance for any thoughts on how to address this situation