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Shaded geometry in drawing mixed with wireframe

Question asked by Oscar Berggren on Apr 27, 2016

Hello. I have a question regarding using Shaded Geometry in drawings.


Id like to highlight some of the parts in my assembly as shaded geometry on the drawing, which ive managed through separate component display properties.

However, the parts I dont want to highlight, act completely transparent (Well, its wireframe after all) and appears see-through on the drawing, making my assembly drawing look very messy.


The contour lines of the shaded geometry is not visible through the wireframe parts, but the actual shading/coloring is.


See attachment for an example.


Id like the wireframe part to act more of a "solid cover", so that the parts of the shaded geometry that is behind non-shaded, would not be visible.
I hope i am making myself clear here!


Is there a way to do this in SW2016?



Kind regards,