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Making a sheet metal collar onto a tube

Question asked by Magnus Eriksson on Apr 26, 2016
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Hi guys and girls,


Sorry if this already been up for discussion but I cannot find it. Feel free to post any link where the question already been up.

I am trying to make a collar follow a pipe. The collar is straight onto to pipe but angled around 45-60 degrees or something.

I saw sometime ago on the internet a post about drawing the profile of collar then using wrap tool to "sweep" it around the path.

But example 2 is nowhere to be found:

CATI Technotes: SolidWorks Lofted Bends for Complex Sheet Metal Parts


Now I tried using sweep but then I dont know how to flatten it.

I attach my part and a picture.


Is there any good add-on that makes sheet metal like this easier?collar test.JPG