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Loop macro for creating virtual ASM Structure

Question asked by Joe Pickens on Apr 26, 2016
Latest reply on May 6, 2016 by Joe Pickens

I am working on a macro the uses an indented BOM to create an assembly and creates virtual sub assembles that don't yet exist.

the macro creats the top assembly and level two virtual subassembles but i am having issues figuring out how to create a functioning loop that will make further subassemles.


this is the part of the code that seems to be failing when it loops to create a subassembly in my subassembly i get an error


Run Time Error '-2147417851(80010105)'

Automation Error

The Server Thew an Exception



status = SWAsm.InsertNewVirtualAssembly(swcomp)


My macro runs from Module1 then when a component isnt found then runs module2 which loops on itself as further components are not found.


I am new to writing macros so i am assuming i am probably doing something wrong in trying to loop.