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Set BOM formula to show a "Blank" if value is zero

Question asked by Brad Jordan on Apr 25, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2018 by Frank Gibilterra

Alright if there's any code wizards out there I've got one for you.  For our BOMs we show a length column, which for most items doesn't apply to most electrical components except for din rail and wiring duct.  Does anyone know a way to return a blank value or empty cell if the BOM length is zero?


We show the length in inches and the default formula was STR (bom_length / 25.4, 10, 2).  Not sure what exactly the 10, 2 is for at the end but that is how SWE had this set up to show length in inches and it works (also works without the 10, 2 at the end).


I tried a simple IIF statement: IIF(bom_length > 0, STR(bom_length / 25.4, 10, 2), "").  To no avail, the zeros are still there. Even if I put text in between the quotations I still get a zero back on the BOM.  I'm not a coder and I'm hoping someone will be able to answer this one pretty easily.