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Auto-Specify PDF filename thru task script (Print to PDF)

Question asked by Shaun Jalbert on Apr 25, 2016

We have a "print task" established in our workflow to create PDF's.

(We must create Raster Image PDF's so we're forced to use the Print Task option - Convert Task isn't an option.)


The Files are created and are saved to a default location as specified in Adobe Distiller's settings. Our issue is...


1) We have no control of the filename. The PDF filename is a string of the Drawing Title + "- <sheet property name>". Can we override the file name thru the print script to remove the sheet property name? Hence, we want the "PDF Filename" to be the exact same as the "Drawing Filename".


2) The default location needs to be setup on everyone's machine (ie. go into Adobe Distillers settings and specify the path). Can we add a default path through the script to further standardize our process and if the folder doesn't exist, to create the folder?


Attached is a copy of our current script.