Rob Jensen

editing the admindirector.xml file in 2008

Discussion created by Rob Jensen on Nov 30, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2008 by George Reilly
During the creation of my 08 image i selected to have a pre and post bat file run.  Now, I don't wanna run the pre bat file.<br /><br />In 2007, i could edit the ini file and just put REM in front of the line.  Now, it's XML file and I'm not sure how to remove the code (see below)<br /><br />Any help would be fantastic..!!<br /><br /><AdminScriptBefore><br />     <Selected>Yes</Selected><br />     <Selectable>Yes</Selectable><br />     <Hidden>No</Hidden><br />     <Script>J:\Admin Images\2008\Bin\Pre_Install.bat</Script><br />     </AdminScriptBefore>