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Number of output bodies has changed?

Question asked by robert dattilo on Apr 25, 2016


             I did a pretty involved one piece component that had quite a few configurations. There are differing lengths, & the top portion spins in four different 90° orientations in some of the configs.. It's a part made up of bodies etc., & I had this working successfully, around 2-18-16. It was checked into the pdm functioning fine, but now as I've gone back in, I get this error; Number of output bodies has changed. One or more derived part(s) created from this split feature is(are) going to lose it's(their) input body. Any one get this error, & or know what might be going on & how to fix it. I would be the only one that would of made changes to this project.


Thanks in advance for any input;

Rob_D SW_2015 sp5.