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    8-gesture not responding to mouse command.

    Timothy Tank

      Recently updated to SW2015 but my Logitech XL mouse does not sync to the 8-gestures on the part level. The gestures I have assigned are the View Commands (Front, Back, etc) but when I use the gestures, I get a warning of SW wanting to change the orientation of the parts origin. See attached image for more details.Mouse Gesture Issue.png


      Thoughts of how to fix this?




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          Jim Wilkinson

          Hi Timothy,

          You likely have selected the wrong command, If you are in the mouse gesture customization interface, and you search for Front as seen inthe image below, you will see that there are 3 different Front Commands. The first two have sub-headings so the first command is actually Set Curret View as Front and the second one is 2D to 3D Front. The third one under Others is the one you want to change the view orientation. if you select on each one in this list, it will show what the command does under the Description at the bottom. So, just reassign your mouse gestures to the Front, Top, Right, etc. from the Others section and it should work fine.



          I hope this helps,