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Orientation DIalog Box - Lock Size?

Question asked by Adam Snow on Apr 24, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2017 by Jim Wilkinson

Spacebar brings up the Orientation Dialog Box. I guess I can't call it a toolbar.

Every day the Orientation Dialog Box has resized itself. In the attached image the left most image shows the default size that I start with each day. I then shrink it down to the middle image. No sense in having all that empty space right? The next day, the dialog is back to the default value... I know, boo hoo, I have to resize a box. Talk about first world problems right? Any way to lock or define the size of this window?


Question 2:

The right most image shows that the box can be resized. Why?

I know I'm not using the new, super amazing, full screen, polyhedron to pick my model view, with a cool animated preview. I just don't get why the dialog can be resized if I can't do anything with the space, which leads to:


Question 3:

Seeing the wasted space, and the potential to make the wasted space even greater, I figured, why not add some new buttons to the orientation box. I could stick all the "view" related buttons in there. But the window won't allow additional buttons to be added. Spacebar is a huge opportunity for a shortcut button. I've got to keep my left hand glued to the keyboard to use "S" and "D". If I could add more buttons to the spacebar, my thumb could really have something to do. Any method to add some new buttons to the Orientation box, and then have it maintain the desired size?