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    Minimized parts maximize

    Adam Snow

      Hopefully this is a really dumb/easy question.

      I noticed different behavior on two workstations given the same scenario:

      Open several solidworks files. Minimize all but one of the files. Close the non-minimized file. - This is where the workstations differ.

      Machine 1: One of the minimized files suddenly pops up on the screen. I don't think it is maximized, but it uses up most of the screen.

      Machine 2: Nothing happens. I have a bunch of minimized windows in the lower left corner of solidworks.


      I looked in the options but don't see anything related. I think there used to be an option to make files open maximized, but I don't even see it anymore.

      How does this work on your computers? I'd like to have Machine 2 be the default.