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Creating a drum out of many SW parts

Question asked by Rainer Jahr on Apr 23, 2016

Hey guys long time lurker first time poster- I  started a new job working for a concrete truck mixer manufacturer and as I have always worked in round stuff in solidworks I know it can be tricky- I am trying to be able to design a new drum  for the company and I am trying to be able to make a way that can create multiple sizes efficiently.  The drums that we make are made up of 5 sections from bottom to top and each section is made of 3 sections.  I can create them currently by making one size of the ring and than divide it by three and create a design table to drive the other sizes-  When I do that the mates don't want to line up properly.


The next way I did it was draw the drum up itself and than do a split to get rid of two thirds of it and than after that I split watch section out- Problem with that is I cannot get it to unfold if I make it that way and my top level of the bom will not look like the drums we make- Any good idea on this- I am trying to be able to get this driven by a design table as well so that it will be efficient- This is actually the easy part because next is drawing the inside auger which is a double helix that looks like a dna code but gets fatter and smaller similiar to the outside shape of a pear.