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Yep, This is a bug. Who checks this crap anyway!

Question asked by Carmelo Treviso on Apr 25, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2016 by Carmelo Treviso

2013 Error LOL!.png


I kid you not no one knows how to check their software anymore. I posted this before after having done multiple upgrades on my PC since 2011. Well I said "It's Time"

I wiped everything, complete clean install, long reformat on hard drive bare bones start from zero crap. Clean install of OS, a day an a half of MS updates, clone clean image then finally a fresh install of SW 2016 SP 3.0 and then today, one day into using my brand new shiny virgin install, yes you guessed it the stupid error pops up.......LMFAO! that all I can say!

I didn't even import my old setting fearing I would corrupt my clean install. HA! This takes the cake. Great Just French Dudes........Start the death of SW countdown clock...........OnShape will be cleaning yours within 5 years. To bad, I really love the software since 2003. Just my rant of the day.