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    Rollback Bar thickness

    Adam Snow

      Is there any way to make the rollback bar a touch easier to grab? The bar is only 3-4 pixels in thickness, but the mouse cursor only changed to a hand when the top 1-2 pixels are selected. Maybe add some invisible border around the bar? Increase the thickness? Put a handle on it?

      I know I can click and choose to rollback to a certain point, that's a nice band-aid; I'd like to fix the actual problem. When the bar is anywhere other than the bottom, it is a bit easier to use, as the size of the target seems to about double.


      I've attached a short video of trying to grab the bar. These are very small mouse movements. In a normal workflow it is even harder to hit this small target.

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          Roland Schwarz

          I wrote a macro that makes the rollback bar stick out 1/2" from the screen. Real handy. Just reach over with thumb & forefinger and slide up or down.

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            Alin Vargatu

            Consider using the in-context rollback icon instead. Much better that using the bar, and it works in both the feature tree and the graphic area.

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                Adam Snow


                I'm aware of the rollback icon. I wouldn't say that it is much better than the rollback bar, but maybe you can tell me how to use it better?

                My only use for the rollback button right now if to rollback the model since the bar is so difficult to grab. Once the bar is off the bottom of the feature tree, it becomes about twice as easy to grab and move.


                Let's say that I convert to using the rollback icon and I rollback several features. How to I roll forward two features? The only option I know of to move forward without the bar is to right click on a feature and choose Roll Forward. If I want to roll forward step by step through a full tree, that is a lot of right clicks and menu selections. I believe the bar is a lot easier to work with (when it works).

                If I could couple the rollback bar to move along with the "Arrow Key Navigation" option, it would be cool, but still a band-aid for the rollback bar that is only two pixels thick at the bottom of the screen.


                I'm also familiar with the Part Reviewer tool. The concept is nice, but it is slow compared to simply moving the bar up and down to where I want it.

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                  Kevin Chandler

                  Thank you for mentioning this.

                  I've stared at that arrow a bazillion time and never bothered to hover over it.

                  Instead, I would repeatedly miss while trying to grasp that slender line.





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                  Joseph Dunfee

                  I, too, wish that roll-back bar could be made wider.  Sometimes I fight with it for quite a while.


                  I am also now in an assembly, and apparently it is not permitted to rollback an assembly.  Or at least, it is not working on my system.  I can get the little hand that shows the roll-back command is at least sensing that I have grabbed the roll-back bar. But, as I move up, only the hand moves up, and not the actual roll-back bar.    I can find the option of rolling-back from the right-click menu in a part file, but not in an assembly.



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                    Tom Gagnon

                    Try this:

                    rollback icon.jpg


                    Selecting a feature, RMB menu has (by default) the rollback icon. This rolls back to before the selected feature.

                    Once rolled back, RMB anywhere in the FM Design Tree will offer Roll to Previous and Roll to End.


                    Ref: 2016 SP3

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                      Victor Frauenfeld

                      One thing I have found helpful is to turn on "arrow key navigation". It allows the up and down arrow keys on the keyboard to move the rollback bar (once it has been selected). It makes it very easy to "step through" a model to see how it was built. I am still on 2015 SP0, but I am sure it is there in newer versions too.


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                        Worth Berry

                        A higher resolution mouse seems to make the bar easier to grab to me. A standard mouse is usually around 1000 dpi. I currently use a 8200 dpi model. (CadMouse)  Hope this may help.

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                          Matt Finley

                          Agreed. The rollback bar is a PITA to grab and use.


                          Using the menu to achieve this is all but useless unless you know exactly where you want to go, which is almost never for me.