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2008 wuzzupwiddat?

Question asked by Matt Lombard on Nov 30, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2007 by Matt Lombard
Here's one that's bugged me since beta. I figured I'd wait to SP1 to make a stink about it. So SP1 is here, and so is this bug.

I like the sketch workflow where you select a plane, then click on the sketch tool you want to use and start sketching. I used to use it a lot. These days I just scratch my head instead of using it. I'm thinking of doing my sketches in Autocad now. sorry, couldn't resist.

SW has added some cool new sketch tools in 2008, again, which I wish I could use. Maybe they'll get it all together at some point. Who knows.

Thankfully I bill hourly, although I doubt my customers want to pay for me to figure out the interface and all the new bugs. SolidWorks gets me to pay them for the priviledge of finding their bugs and arguing with their tech support that it is even a bug, and I'm just the chump to do it.

Anyway, getting to my point, in 2008, you can not first click a plane and then click the Centerpoint Rectangle and expect to be able to sketch a Centerpoint Rectangle on the plane like with other sketch entities. SolidWorks plays a really mean trick on you. It was funny the first time, but optimist that I am, I get fooled by it every time hoping it was operator error or they fixed it or something, and now it;s just plain annoying.

After you select a plane, and then the sketch tool, they tell you in the PropertyManager that covers up the FeatureManager to select a plane. Well, I can't see my planes because they're covered up by this stoopid message, plus, I already had one picked. So by this time I've probably thrown my mouse at someone walking by my cubicle (although I work at home and live by myself). Anyway, I'm trying to make a joke of it, but it's really annoying, and I could have reported this to tech support as a bug, but who wants to argue with them when doing it this way is so much more fun?

SolidWorks - ATTENTION TO DETAIL COUNTS. Fix the damn software.