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    John Frahm

      I would like to modify <hw-threaddesc>  so that my callout would be M12 X 1.5.

      Currently Solidworks gives me this:



      I know I can delete <hw-threaddesc> and put text in manually but I won't to fix it and forget...





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          Solid Air

          You will need to go to tools, options, system options, Hole Wizard/Toolbox and click on configure..

          In Welcome to Toolbox Setup click on option 1. Hole Wizard

          In the left pane, expand the ISO standard,  next expand Tapped Holes and select Tapped Hole.

          Under Standard Properties select Thread Data

          What you want to change is found under Thread Description column

          After adding the spaces between the x, save and close

          You may need to restart SolidWorks to see the changes

          Existing Taps must be changed to a different size, then changed back to the original size to see the changes.