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Can anyone fix parametric loft?

Question asked by Mark Wood on Apr 22, 2016


I have a curved wing representing a kite, it's going to be used for wind tunnel/CFD work. I'm trying to make the wing change shape via the two driving dimensions within the model. The two dimensions control the 'equation driven' ellipse that describes the arc of the wing. As the arc is an ellipse, the two dimensions are a radius for height and a radius for width.

I've created other wings like this and they work fine but this one will not?

When I click on the right half of the model & the dimensions are highlighted, I usually click on the dimensions value within the sketch, change it & the model changes to the desired curve (sometimes I have to press 'ctrl+Q'). In this model, the wingtip sketches will not update. I've tried for a long time to resolve this but I'm getting nowhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I've attached the file and a screen shot showing the process that normally works, in case my description isn't clear. Thanks


Change arc.png