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    Knit more than two surfaces on an edge

    Joachim Venberget

      Hi there


      I have a honeycomb pattern that results in dusins of surface bodies because of the failure of no more than two sheets can be joined on the edge.


      Any workaround this, its for simulation (Shell). Yes I can group them but still there is a whole lot of them.


      I've attached an example, can this be done into one or less surface bodies?


      Thanks for any help and directions would be appreciated.

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          Mark Biasotti

          Hi Joachim,


          The issue here is that parasolid (underlying kernel of SW) does not allow you to knit 3 surface bodies together anywhere with any feature or method in the SW system. that is because most everything in SW is a means to a solid model and 3 surface bodies edges (infinitely thin bodies) knitted together is not a physical reality.  Really depends on what you are doing with this and where you want to go with it. Is it going to eventually be thin, solid walls?  If so, use to extrude thin features; one of the outer perimeter and one for the inner 3 walls. Better yet you can do one hex thin solid and pattern it.