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    Balloons on SOLIDWORKS Inspection (Export to Excel)

    Federico Fernández

      I have 3 questions Regarding the Solidworks Inspection plug
      used on Solidworks 2015:


      1. It is the software capable to recognize an
        existing balloon on the drawing and extract the information to the excel file
        using the same balloon number?
      2. For the “Create Inspection Project” phase, we
        can edit on the “Characteristic Info” label the “Start Number”. But, there is a
        way to edit the software parameters and ask for even numbers instead of regular
        ones for the balloons?  2,4,6,8,10….. Or
      3. Can I decide where is going to add the balloons on
        the dimensions automatically? Right, left ….


      If you can help me with these questions, please, let me know

      Thank you in advance



        • Re: Balloons on SOLIDWORKS Inspection (Export to Excel)
          Scott Rypstra

          (Quick disclaimer is that I am also new to Inspection, and I'm on 2014)

          My guess for #1 and #2 is no and no.

          But for #3, if I understand you correctly, when you click on "Balloon Document" command, at the bottom of the pane, you can OFFSET the balloons differently depending on what type they are.

          I believe the offset units are inches.  (You will probably want to keep them under half an inch?)  The 'X' and 'Y' should be self-explanatory, both positive puts the balloon in the first quadrant; both negative puts it in the third quadrant (bottom left); etc.

          NOTE: if you put them at 0,0 they will be on the left side.  It appears it does not depend on dimension justification.  Play around with it a couple times to get used to it!