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PDF creation for DWG files

Question asked by Pete Yodis on Nov 29, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2009 by Arnt Wiebicke
With PDMWorks 2008, the software can automatically create pdf files for .slddrw files upon check-in or by using the task scheduler. The implementation of this is very nice and I really like it. I just submitted an enhancement request to have PDMWorks do this for DWG files. We have over 7,000 DWG files and I suspect there are many other PDMWorks users out there that also manage a lot of DWG files as well. Would you consider submitting an enhancment request for this? Thee seems to be strength in numbers with enhancement requests. I think some of the pieces are in place for this - they could use DWGEditor and its built in PDF Out functionality to handle this. Please help the cause...