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    Divergent results for different mesh in convection

    Oleg Kmechak

      Hi All.


      I want to calculate heat flux parameter.
      So.. conditions of task is next.. I have floor with some temperature and ceiling with some lower temperature.. conditions on walls is adiabatic.
      At first I decided to figure out mesh parameters to optimize accuracy goal and time of calculation. But after some sequence of simulations I realized, that results aren't convergent. They didn't bound to a certain value with higher mesh. Please see picture below and shared source files on google drive:


      Google drive Links
      HexagonalDome.SLDPRT - Google Drive
      Simulation data with different mesh parameters: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B3l02HJw4lTycjZuNzl1UkxZSzg&usp=sharing








      Thanks for your attention.
      Regards, Oleg.