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    Linear pattern features disappearing after clicking OK

    Jacob Murray

      I have just selected to show several instances of a certain part for a linear pattern, yet when I click OK, some in the middle of the pattern are missing. I've counted the number of instances in the feature manager and there are 5 missing. I have made sure nothing is hidden etc, but I'm baffled. Would someone mind having a look at my file for me please to let me know what I need to do to get them all showing?


      Model2.zip - Google Drive


      Selecting the linear pattern instances - I have 16 selected and they are showing in the 3D view



      As soon as I click OK, a number of them disappear!


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          Dan Pihlaja

          Question, are they actually gone (missing, as in not in the feature tree at all) or are they just not showing up on the graphics view?


          If not showing up on graphics view, try CTRL Q (this does a full rebuild, more than the little green/red stoplight icon).


          If actually missing, then I am not sure what is going on.

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              Jacob Murray

              Yeah I've tried rebuilding, but they are not even being listed in the feature tree either.

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                  Dan Pihlaja

                  I know that this doesn't really solve the problem, but can you do a "Pattern driven pattern" instead?


                  This will automatically populate all the holes with the nut, rather then relying on your spacing (if you change the spacing on your holes or remove a couple, then you will have to change the linear pattern, whereas a pattern driven pattern will update automatically with the pattern of holes that you have).


                  edit:  Of course, if this is an imported part, then it won't recognize the pattern of holes as a pattern of holes.


                  I am not sure what is going on.  I would ask you to share the assembly, but I am using 2015 and I see that you are using 2016, so I wouldn't even be able to look at it.

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                Deepak Gupta

                Are you trying to edit an already made pattern as there could be chances someone deleted those OR even you deleted those accidentally. If I create a new one, it works fine.



                Also when doing Pack and Go, uncheck these until they're required to debug the issue


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                  Simon Wilkins

                  Hi Jacob - are you using any equations within the patterns to drive them - calculate how many instances there are or calculate the spacing? I had exactly the same issue as this the other day and got onto my VAR about it - this was their response - no solution from Solidworks other than to recreate the pattern?!!!  Please see below ... sorry about the spacing as that is how it came through from my email - In my assembly I had 2 different components and one small assembly that I was patterning with the same spacing and the last bit in the email basically suggests editing the patterns and swapping them for one another to recreate the instances! Not ideal!


                  Dear Tim,


                  SR 1-10767796321 (VAR SR# 355381) has been updated.


                  details, review the SR in the Service Requests View, under the Technical
                  Support area on the portal.


                  component pattern not showing 5th and 6th instance.




                  you for contacting Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp. Technical Support.


                  problem seems already stored in configurations for those features with those
                  specific components' IDs.

                  behaviour has been linked to the SPR:


                  Pattern - Instances in the preview and in the final result do not match


                  customer will be notified by email when this issue has been resolved.


                  there is not a better suggestion than recreating the pattern from scratch.

                  for this specific project and similar, when and where possible:


                  1. Edit "Large Hinge Block Pattern"

                  2. Replace "SWPatternFail FAB50000" with "SWPatternFail

                  3. Apply

                  4. Edit "Small Hinge Block Pattern"

                  5. Replace "SWPatternFail FAB10006" with "SWPatternFail

                  6. Apply

                  7. Edit "Small Hinge Block Pattern"

                  8. Replace "SWPatternFail A1HB" with "SWPatternFail

                  9. Apply


                  you have any further questions about this service request please let me know.




                  Support Engineer, Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS