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PDM Check in or out with one hot key or click?

Question asked by J. P. on Apr 21, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2016 by Stephen Lapic

     Has anyone created or come across a way to check in or check out parts, assemblies and drawings with one hot key or macro within SolidWorks? For instance a hot key to check out a drawing is not the same hot key to check out a part or assembly. Same with check in. Ideally check out and check in can be the same exact hot key for all ".sld" file types, just do the opposite of what it's current state is.

     On the macro side I've found that ReloadOrReplace works with parts and assemblies, but then drawings use CloseAndReopen.  This would be fine if it saved modifications to the drawing when you use CloseAndReopen to check out the file, but it doesn't save the changes like the PDM add-in does. So without digging into the PDM add-in I was wondering if anyone else has created this macro or found a work around to limit the amount of work it takes to check in and out files within SolidWorks?


SW & EPDM 2015