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    iPad Pro + Pencil

    Alin Vargatu

      SW-Dev, (Chin-loo Lama in particular) I am curious what projects you have on the go for harnessing  the great functionality provided by the iPad Pro+Pencil combo. I know that the stylus is listed as part of your job description.


      What are your plans for using the stylus as a mouse replacement for eDrawings and especially SOLIDWORKS Online? Currently, I am using the iPad as a replacement for a Wacom tablet, but it would be great if the software would have dedicated functionality for such an input.

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          Chin-loo Lama

          Hi Alin, we have been looking into this technology, absolutely, not just for eDrawings, but also for Xdesign. Unfortunately I can't discuss too much about our plans here, but I would love to hear from you about your expectations with this technology and stylus usage with SW and eDw in general. Thanks!

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              Alin Vargatu

              Thanks for your reply, Chin-loo.

              The reasons I love the Pencil is because is pressure sensitive, offers palm rejection and is very precise.


              I imagine that you do not even need to put too much work into doing a radical change to the touch interface. It would probably be better to keep the current mouse actions for the time being.


              1. RMB = Pencil short-tap

              2. RMB Double-click = Pencil double short-tap

              3. LMB = Pencil tap-and-hold

              4. Zoom, pan, rotate viewport - typical finger gestures, no pencil.

              5. Entity move = Pencil tap on the component and drag

              6. Entity rotate = Finger tap-hold on the screen, Pencil tap-drag on the component. The component rotates around the point selected by the finger.


              Just a few suggestions. If one would write such an interface for allowing me to use SW, even in remote desktop mode, I would use the iPad Pro quite a lot.

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              Chin-loo Lama

              Hi Alin,

              We are definitely working with a mapping similar to what you listed above, though more indepth. I'm guessing where you wrote RMB, you ment LMB, unless you are using a left-handed mouse. Long presses or tap+hold are usually associated with RMB to get contextual menues. As for support for remote desktop onto an iPad Pro, it is a workflow that is indirect to our application. We are at the mercy of the emulator. So a lot of the touch and stylus support can be more accessible to the native iOS app, but not as readily accessible by the software being emulated. Which tool are you using to run SW on an iPad Pro?

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                Jake Tse

                Sorry to bring back this post after such a long time, but I want to know if there is any update to the Apple Pencil. I mean, the new features you were working for. We know that some new iPad models have launched these two years, so I think you should have also made some changes for your product. Correct me if I am not right.