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Break up weldment into separate psc and create individual drawings..

Question asked by Sanya Shmidt on Apr 20, 2016
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Hello guys,

Just started working for a company that has a master model that they configure via Excel spreadsheet.

The project I`m working on now is : I have to split this assembly in to separate pieces (basically rip apart) and create an individual drawings of each weldments.

I`m curious if there a way to do that?


I can hide all weldments except one i need, locate it on the drawing and through dim`s. But in this case all the data from weldment still be hanging invisible on the drawing and drawing model will be pretty "heavy" to open... And then I have to loop through the entire model and hide weldments I don`t need and do same operations over and over.... 


Please let me know if anyone have any experience with doing that, Any help is appreciated.