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Set the Named Display State for Drawing View

Question asked by Stephen Potter on Apr 20, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2016 by Kevin Chisholm

Hello, I am building an addin and part of it creates a new drawing with various views of a model.  When you create a drawing view, the property manager has a  "Display State" group thatlists all the available display states (as provided by the configuration).  I have scoured the API, looking especially at IDrawingDoc, IView, and IModelView but nothing allows me to specify a display state.  Please refer to the attached screenshot that highlights this in a red outline.


I haven't found an API for this but it's easily editable in SW.  In addition to the Property Manager Page, you can also right click on a view and choose Properties, which will show a dialog box that lets you choose the Display State.


Also, is there an API for the "High Quality" vs "Draft" setting in the Display Style group box?  It's also highlighted on the screenshot.


Thank you!