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Anyone else think the colors coming back in SP3.0 are funny looking now?

Question asked by Scott Wheeler on Apr 20, 2016

Installed SP3.0 to get back the 2015 colors and have discovered it is a hybrid now of 2016 and 2015 colors.  To me, this inconsistent look is bad looking and it makes the SolidWorks interface look like a work in process.  This is best exemplified when working in assemblies.  The top Command Manager bar is a mix of blue-based & green/yellow-based icons, and the model tree folders and assembly-related icons are blue-based while part-related icons are yellow/green.



With a part file open, things are bit more 2015-color consistent...although the part icon is still blue-based:


And unfortunately the Sketch toolbar is still 2016 based...


Anyone else annoyed at this?  I'm sure a lot of folks were anxiously awaiting the SP3 release to get the color scheme back and may have similar feelings of frustration. Seems like this is a only half-hearted attempt to fix the mistake.