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Item number changes when replacing a component in an assembly...

Question asked by S. Casale on Apr 20, 2016
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I have a large assembly that has a large qty of items at a  high level of a major top level assembly, at the first sub assembly.


Using the RMB, Replace Component function, I have replaced a singular part which had 6 additional derivative patterned locations. All worked in the exchange, EXCEPT the BoM on the drawing renumbered its original item number to the last next item number available.


I have the settings the same as they always are when I am able to do this replace function. In fact, this is of 3 different items that I had replaced at this time. Only 1 of the items reorganized the BoM at the next item number available. This caused the entire list to renumber from its original place. Thankfully all of the balloons are correctly linked.


My settings are standard for being able to do this without issue. Do not change item numbers, Keep assembly order.... blah blah


Any thoughts on what could cause this?