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Transparency Keeps Changing

Question asked by Deborah Dickmann on Apr 20, 2016

I just started using 2016 a couple weeks back and have had no formal training in the 5 years I've been using Solidworks. I have noticed a very annoying issue. I changed the transparency of a main component in my assembly as I need to be able to see thru it at all times in this assembly. If I change it at the component at the parent level, it will affect others using it who don't want it transparent. I have parts to mate to the walls.


Situation 1 - If I pick the wrong wall of the main component and delete it (by keyboard command), sometimes the transparency changes to solid.

Situation 2 - Even if I'm not mating to main component, it's changing to solid.

Situation 3 - Picked main component first and after completing mate, it changed to solid. Didn't touch the keyboard.


Is there any way to stop this from happening? I understand 2016 changes the transparency of the initial part when mating, but I already changed the part transparency from the start. If I'm mating a bunch of parts inside the main component, I don't want to have to keep leaving mating to switch the component transparency. Yes, I'vetried changing the transparency (after it switch back) and it won't. Is there some keyboard combination that I'm doing that's causing this? I've tried to recreate each scenario, but sometimes it changes and sometimes it doesn't.


Thanks in advanced.


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