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interactive html does anyone use this?

Question asked by John Layne on Apr 20, 2016
Latest reply on May 3, 2016 by Alex Taguchi

We recently had our VAR demo Composer.


The interactive HTML looked quite impressive, that is until we got them to send us a test file:


     Limited to Internet Explorer, come on guys this is 2016 not 1995

     Couldn't even get it to run when opening the html file on the local PC

     Not entirely sure if we need to do something with the file?


This simply isn't a usable feature in 2016, not everyone wants to install plugins on their corporate browser, or even there personal one. Not everyone wants to use Internet Explorer or even can, anyone heard of Apple Safari?


I can see us using it for plain 2d PDF's but not much else.


Is there anyone out in the real world actually using interactive HTML on their Websites? If so please share, I'd like to be convinced.


Screen below what we get trying to open the test