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Calculating Outsourced Work Total Costs at Assembly Level

Question asked by Ben Ben on Apr 19, 2016

Hi, I create a lot of assemblies from parts i also created. (pretty normal so far right?)

these parts (in the real world) often have some work done by other companies (laser cutting, machining, folding etc) and i would like to be able to total these costs and display them on the assembly drawing individually. ie laser cutting total: machining total: etc.

I have created simple custom property tabs at part level where i manually input the prices quoted for machining etc.



But at assembly level, i am stuck trying to get it to display the total costs (use machining costs as example) for all the parts in the assembly.

Is there a value to input here (below image) that will give me what i'm after?


I was hoping to just input something like "SW-Machining Cost@" " " " ".SLDASM" to draw out the value. But no love