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How do I get a drawing view that's normal to a surface that stays normal when the angle changes?

Question asked by Scott Skousen on Apr 19, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2016 by Scott Skousen

Using Solidworks 2015:


I have a weldment with a 5" round vertical tube (along y-axis). I put a 1" drop on the top (by cutting with a triangular sketch on the right plane), then put an 1/8" thick end cap on the angled top. I saved the tube and top cap out as separate bodies (by the names "Tube" and "Top Cap"). The design may change to 6" round tube, which would automatically change the angle of the top cap to maintain the 1" drop.


I would like to make 2 views of the top cap: (1) a normal view (so I can have the cut profile for the laser cutter) and (2) a side view (so I can call out the dimension of the part thickness). How do I make a drawing that has a view normal to the top cap that updates if the angle changes?


I tried going into the saved body to float the top cap and then mate it to the ordinate planes, but the orientation of the part seems to be linked to the whole weldment and therefore unchangeable.


I tried making a left view of the weldment and doing a section view (mating the section view line to the top surface of the top cap), but that puts the view of the top cap at a weird angle in the drawing; I can rotate the left view to make the section view a better angle, but that won't correct itself automatically if I change to 6" tube.