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Dimension behavior in SW16

Question asked by Mark Matthews on Apr 19, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2016 by Mark Matthews

Creating and modifying dimensions in 2016 has changed some and I'm finding it extremely annoying. I have always modeled with "Instant3D" activated as it would allow modifying a sketch feature's dimension just by clicking on it. When creating the sketch you would still have to double click the dimension to modify it. Now, while creating the sketch, the "instant" modify behavior is always "on", but there is a distinct delay before the interactive box comes up. Also annoying is that when your trying to select multiple dimensions in a sketch, selection of them is delayed as the system is trying to catch up with selections. I'm doing this cause I want to delete these dimensions, but it's difficult as it seems to want to do them one at a time.


Another issue is dimensioning to a construction line. The sketcher assumes that you want to create multiple dimensions to the line and keeps it active for creating your next dimension. There is no way to release the line without escaping from the dimension command. Really annoying and a time suck when you want to dimension two separate elements of the sketch.


Anyone know how to switch this behavior off or modify it?