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Can NOT mesh thin walled model

Question asked by John Weldon on Apr 19, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2016 by John Weldon

Hello everyone, I am a very new user to Solidworks and am currently working on a project.


I am making a model of the empire state building; not fancy at all, just rectangles of different widths and lengths on top of each other


My problem lies here:

1) I am making the base rectangle the actual dimensions (424.01 ft x 187 ft)

2) I then extrude this to a certain height (882 ft for the first section of the building) and I use the "thin feature" to make the walls of this rectangle a mere 1 in thick *instructed to do so by professor*

3) Add "cap ends" at a thickness of 1 in to close the rectangle and make it a solid


This process gets repeated a couple of times until I arrive at:



Now when I attempt to mesh this, it gives me an error of:




*Also, this error is NOT just for that 1 part...i suppressed it to see if it would run without it...but to no then has a problem with the other parts!


I have already tried scaling down the entire model by a factor of 500 but I get the same result, so I don't believe the size is the problem


Note: I have made a SECOND model of this EXACT same thing (dimensions and everything), the only thing that was different was I did NOT use the thin extrude feature...I just extruded like normal and was able to mesh it with NO problems


Can anyone help a new user out? I would greatly appreciate it!


Attached is the model, in case that makes it easier to see! Message was edited by: John Weldon