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Mating parts within the same subassembly while IN another assembly

Question asked by Jacob Murray on Apr 19, 2016
Latest reply on May 3, 2019 by Ivan López

I have some clamps that are part of a subassembly that I need to align with some legs within the main assembly.


The black parts in the picture are all part of one subassembly. I need to line up a heap of legs (grey) with the SHS you can see highlighted as blue using the width mate. Once they are lined up, I then need to lock the SHS in place so when I open the subassembly, it is in the same place (i.e. no difference between flexbile and rigid subassembly)


Though when I try to mate two parts of  the same subassembly together, while it is in the main assembly, I get this 'error.




Can anyone please help with this? I can't send the files unfortunately as it is very large.