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How can I display drawing revision data in an assembly BOM?

Question asked by Oliver Mackley on Apr 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2017 by Simon Duggan


I am trying to create an assembly BOM - lets say a top level type. I want the BOM to display the Revision number of the drawing file related to the part/subassembly.

Ultimately, I want the BOM to read the custom property data from the drawing file of item 1.

Within the top level assembly drawing, I have a top level type BOM. I have highlighted item 1, a subassembly currently at revision level X2.WIP. For clarity my revision sequence is X1.WIP, X1, X2.WIP, X2 etc. The .WIP label is removed by the EPDM transition 'raise to Pre Production';

Advanced BOM 1a.JPG

The revision label displayed in the BOM comes from the custom properties (Below is the custom properties for the subassembly - item 1);

Advanced BOM 2a.JPG

This information is all displayed correctly, but as with many of our components and drawings, the revision number of the drawing file is out of sync with that of the part/assembly file. Below is the title block for the associate drawing of item 1, clearly it is at X2 (This was not an excellent example to use as I know upon raising the subassembly to the next revision, they will become synchronised as I already stated, X2 follows X2.WIP);

Advanced BOM 3.JPG

Again, this information is correct and is derived from the cutsom properties of the drawing file for item 1;

Advanced BOM 4a.JPG

Thanks, Ollie.